Tribe Talk

“It’s one thing to accept the reality of evil; it is another to confront it in a very real way, through every father’s nightmare.  Tremendous imagery yields brutality, madness, perennial love and emotion in this soon-to-be blockbuster thriller.  With mastery of detail and structure, visceral invocations of rage and unsuitable empathy are thrust upon the reader, only to succumb with heart wrenching tenderness in a Shakespearian-worthy close.” Timothy S. (Houston, TX)

“Love the book.  You are brilliant.  Very, very, impressive.” M.L. (Dallas, TX)

“Just about to finish this – loved it.” Kathleen T. (Lincolnshire, UK)

“The killer is on a hunt to remove the human vermin that has forever changed his life and that of others. The decision to do so is not left to him alone.  Stockdale has a rare talent for storytelling and poetry, painting a vivid picture with words. He is sure to build a strong fan base with his work.  Looking forward to more from this author!” Betty W. (St. Louis, MO)

“Killer ending… love it.  So after three sleepless, nightmare interrupted nights and two really non-productive days I think I hate you now.  I may never get the graphics out of my head.  I find I have to sail to Potter’s Cove for a little tranquility from time to time. Nice touch there.  It was certainly a respite from the killing and killer talk.  God I hate what perverts do to kids.  I found myself routing for Bryan.”  Dave G. (UK)

“I am really enjoying your book.  I will go to the blog and check things out.  Love the poetry.”  Maggie H. (Galena, MO)

“I was engrossed from the beginning.  Couldn’t put it down.  Byron describes evil in a way that allows us to read it and still feel safe.”  Anonymous (Amazon Customer Review)

“The story was powerful.  You gathered together a mish-mash group of characters, from the totally sane to the unhinged crazy to the psychotic psychopath.  The playful banter between the FBI agents, Kate and Tom, gave a break between all the mayhem. Speaking of… the ways to kill someone, WOW! Very graphic too.  Oddly enough, I felt sorry and scared of Rhodes.  The ending felt like a sequel coming on.  I hope so.  This book seems like a #1 to me.”   Fern W. (Arvada, CO)

“Thank you so much for giving me the privilege of reading your book.  I really like mysteries that get into the story and keep your attention; you definitely have a page-turner!  All told, it is a great story, and brings to light several problems in our justice system.”   Margaret B. (Springfield, MO)

“The book was an entertaining read. The character building was well organized and complete. You will find yourself wanting to read just one more chapter when your read time is running low.”  Greg T. (St. Louis, MO)

“WOW…quite a read…it was very good, intense and graphic…well done!  By the way, I think it would make a good movie!  Great thriller!  Vickie V. (Branson, MO)

“As an aficionado of the true crime genre, I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. A Pane of Glass is an excellent read about a serial killer who has a different objective and whose purpose is unlike most others. The author’s descriptive writing carries the reader along, as if you were part of the FBI team tracking the killer. The plot has many twists and turns and I found it hard to put this book down.”  McClure (Amazon Customer Review)

“Loved the book beginning to end.  Had a good cry at the end.” (Amazon Customer Review)

“ABSOLUTELY loved it.” Carolee J. (Los Angeles, CA)